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Few things make more fun for me than the lively comment sections on each post.I love to hear from you,enjoy our conversations and a,flattered daily that you'd share even a snippet of your cooking life with me.That said,the larger these comment sections grow,the more "weeding" I find unfortunately necessary to keep the comment section on-topic and,I hope,as good of a read for you as it is for me.Thus,rather than leaving anyone perplexed as to where their comment disappeared to,here's a loose outline of what will fly or flop in 徳赢足球smitten kitchen discussions:

Please come back more often:

  • Join the conversation.Share a story.Be part of 徳赢足球smitten kitchen.Corny as it sounds,a great comment (ora thousand of them) can really make my day.Plus?This site without a comment section would be like me talking to myself all day long,and,trust me,there's already too much of that.
  • Recipe feedback.Have you tried it?Did the recipe work for you?What changes did you make,or would you make next time?Have any suggestions for others who want to try the recipe but might need that last push?Confession: I jump right to the end of comment sections on other cooking sites when I'm curious about a recipe,because I know that the further down you go,the more likely it is that respondents will have made it,and reported back with their results.As I never make a recipe without reading available reviews of it first,comments that help me answer the "should I bother making this?" question are invaluable to me,and I'd hope others.
  • Recipe questions.Is an instruction confusing?Have you never heard of an ingredient and Google was no help in giving you a lead on it?Want to know how it compares to another recipe on the site?Should I have a good answer,or heck,even a good-enough one,I respond to these as quickly as possible.

I still love you,but your comment?Not so much:

  • Not skimming previous comments.Yes,I know that comment sections can get very long,especially when people are especially excited about a new recipe.I love this enthusiasm.But before you ask a question,can I poliltely request that you check previous comments to see if it has been previously asked and/or answered,either by skimming or doing a word search,usually "Find" under your browser's Edit menu or Cntrl/Command+F on most keyboards.And please,pleasedon't say things like "I don't have time to read all these comments,but…" which often happens when a comment section hits a certain size;I know that your time is valuable but it sounds flippant to the value of other people's time.
  • Off-topic requests or notes.A comment needs to relate,even tangentially,to the post.Please don't leave a comment that asks permission to use a photo,or requests that we work together — it's not really a public conversation,so send an email instead.Likewise,did you nominate for an award on your blog or site?Why thank you!But tell me in an email,not in an off-topic and of little-use-to-other-readers comment.
  • Leaving full 徳赢足球recipes in the comments.Due to space limitations,I cannot allow this,but this doesn't mean that I don't want to hear about another version of a recipe I've shared.Instead,first,tell us what's different about a recipe you like or prefer (i.e."my favorite pudding recipe has no eggs,but gelatin instead") so we know why it is worth checking out.Then,tell us where we can find it (i.e."in the Joy of Cooking,page 218" or "on my site").The thing is,the internet isfullof 徳赢足球recipes;what it's short of is explanations of why one may stand apart from the crowd,or why it deserves your attention.A comment that hones in on this — one that adds insight or contrast — is infinitely more valuable to the conversation than cluttering the web with yet another unsubstantiated recipe.
  • Plugging a product or company.I steer very clear of product recommendations on this site,intentionally — this is about cooking,not shopping.I would never tell you that you need to use This Brand or That Farm to make a 徳赢足球smitten kitchen because that would stand in stark contrast to what I feel cooking should be about: accessibility and flexibility."Buy cheap vanilla beans here","the best bread flour is from…" and like comments will be quickly marked as the spam that they are.
  • Shamelessly plugging your own site or project.试图吸引观众你的网站吗?Say something interesting.Add something unique the conversation and people will want to know where to hear more from you."OMG love this." takes up space but adds little color to the conversation."I've got more 徳赢足球recipes like this on my site,come visit" sounds like self-promotion,not recipe commentary.I'd so rather hear what youreallyhave to say.
  • Your url in the comment body.The correct place to leave your site's url is clearly marked in the comment form.It will appear as a link to your name.Unfortunately,anywhere else resembles the above a little too much for its own good,and will end up in Comment Purgatory (yes,an actual folder).
  • Slander,bile,insults,blah blah:Fortunately,you're all such fine folks that this happens almostnever,but it should go without saying that when you're in the comment section,consider yourself a welcome guest in my home,and if your comment is rude,unpleasant or,frankly,makes it clear that you're kind of an ass,we're going to quickly usher you to the door before you cause a party-ruining fuss.How people can get so riled up by salad or cupcakes is beyond us,but seeing as it does happen… sigh… perhaps use this as a reminder that the 徳赢足球smitten kitchen comment section is not thebestplace for one to work out their slaw rage.

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27 comments onComment Guidelines

  1. Katherine

    Off topic – though as a woman currently in her third trimester,I WILL be making his shake imminently – but do you do anything special to keep your vitamix container so clear and sparkly?Mine is so cloudy,and I just tried a baking soda scrub on it to no avail.If you have any tips on the matter,I would love to hear them!

    1. deb

      How strange that comments have appeared on this page.It's honestly an accident,but to answer your question (and once I know you've read it,I'll turn them off here): I haven't used mine very much.I'm sorry,terrible answer,I'm just not a big smoothie drinker,I don't make a lot of juices.Perhaps I should.I bought the Vitamix not because I imagined using it everyday but I was upset after going through 2 $100 blenders in 3 years (each had a 1-year warranty) and the Vitamix,although spectacularly expensive (although it was on sale at Costco at the time),has a 7-year warranty.

  2. Jen pachus

    So delicious.I had leftover bacon from breakfast and leftover corn on the cob and just reheated it in a little butter before mixing in with the other ingredients and penne pasta.I added about a half cup of cream cheese and that made it even MORE of a decadent,rich dish.Even my pickiest son loved it.Simple salad on the side and dinner was served.

  3. Kim Burlingham

    Hi Deb- over the last 4 weeks I've made this strawberry summer cake 4 times,the last two requested by houseguests who have now gone home.I'd like to make another to mail it to them.I was thinking of making it,cooling,leaving in pan,vacuum sealing and freezing and mailing in styrofoam container.Is this how you'd do it?Thanks for making me look so good this weekend.

    1. deb

      Thanks — I don't have any experience with mailing cakes but what you said sounds like a good plan.Glad it's been a hit!

  4. Sounds like this was quite the process,but your friends are clearly lucky to have you!It can be hectic to get ready for a wedding,so I cannot imagine having to complete a process like this prior to one :) It came out beautifully,even if some of the blobs aren't actually found in nature!I absolutely love the accents.

  5. Chris S

    I made this and absolutely loved the filling and the crumb topping.I used blueberries,blackberries and raspberries.Will definitely be making again.
    The only problem I had is with the crust.It was very chewy/leathery.I had no issues while making it and know not to overwork the dough.Will probably opt for a different crust next time.

  6. Rob

    I made these.Used them to top a (precooked) cobbler of apples and rhubarb.But my question is why do we have to cut circles and then reroll the scraps?Why not cut into wedges so there are no scraps to reroll?

  7. Lauren

    Just made this and liked it a lot,especially for how easy it was.I don't always love eggplant but it was very tasty in this sauce and gave it a nice thick consistency.I left the garlic raw for a stronger flavor and I think I'd add some lemon juice next time because it felt like it could use some acid.

  8. Kristin

    I've seen questions on why these cookies would spread but don't see any responses.I've made these 4 times now.The first 2 times were perfect (and delightful).The last two times,in the last two days are pancakes.Thoughts on why?Butter and dough were both in fridge well past recipe guidelines.Thanks!

  9. emilycpeters

    I do not consider myself a cook by any means,but I desperately wanted something warm in tomato sauce for dinner tonight and so I wandered over to your website to see what I could find.These meatballs were so easy to make and even more importantly SO DELICIOUS.Will definitely be adding this recipe to the weekend rotation.Yum!!

  10. Anne Chalupa

    Made this last night,we loved it!I'd add even more cauliflower next time,as it was SO delicious.When I've tried sheet pan chicken 徳赢足球recipes in the past,the food is more braised than roasted,due to the juices from chicken,or some of the other ingredients.So I spread the chicken & veggies out on both a half sheet & another smaller sheet,to ensure that everything had enough space to roast.Afterwards,I did not think that was necessary,excess liquid never developed.But I'd still use two pans,since I want to increase the amount of cauliflower.And I might try adding more of the marinade to the sheet pan (even stir a few dollops into some of the veggies?).

  11. Erin R

    I was so excited to try this because I LOVE the Nancy Silverton recipe and have made it a number of times but it always makes so much and and I don't ever have XL eggs etc etc.But you should modify your recipe…don't say to bring mixture to a boil before tempering eggs,I should have known better!It just needs to be hot to temper eggs.I'm a trained pastry chef,but I nevertheless followed your instructions.Since the milk and cream came to a boil with acidic brown sugar made even more acidic by caramelization,it turned my mixture into ricotta!!In Nancy's recipe she doesn't say to BTB,just to liquify.Xo Love your 徳赢足球recipes normally Deb!Thanks

  12. loloma7

    I'm going to try potato starch instead of cornstarch or flour.Does not impart any floury taste and has no flavor to it as does cornstarch.

  13. M-C

    Instead of futzing with white(!) bread,I find that panko crumbs give the perfect crunch..Love this,thank you

  14. Yum!Just made this tonight!I halved the recipe and omitted the carrots because I'm allergic (I know it's weird).I did half mayo half yogurt I also like a little more vinegar so I added quite a bit more (more than double) and added in 2 scallions and some green apples.I practically ate the whole mixing bowl myself.I,too,never ever ate coleslaw growing up but not cannot get enough.I love making it super fresh and salad-y tasting.The savory element of the cabbage just keeps me coming back!

  15. Pam Hochman

    I was so excited to make this for thanksgiving as I've noticed my apple pie does always cave in.However,this one caved in just as much as the ones I've made before (America's Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated or Ina Garten have been our staples).I was careful to use a lot of apples (4.33 lbs or so) and they macerated for about 1.5 hours.I did use a regular/non-latticed top,but since the recipe indicated you could do so,that shouldn't have been the problem.

    How has this worked for others?
    Any idea why it did collapse?What are the other factors?

  16. I love this recipe!I make this bread several times in the fall and winter and it is always a hit.It's an easy recipe and the results are consistent every time.If you're wavering on whether or not to make it,the answer,politely,is DO IT.

  17. artc1209

    Can't leave a site-level comment,but because I'm going to try this recipe… :

    Could/would you start including basic nutritional info with the 徳赢足球recipes,for those of your readers who are either curious or need to know for medical reasons what the nutritional info is?

    Love the site already,but this would make it even better.

    1. deb

      I don't include calorie counts because there are too many variables in my 徳赢足球recipes (serving sizes,ingredient choices,etc.) but I usethis recipe analysis toolwhen I want to check information.It's far more useful than any list I could add at the end of a recipe because it allows you to cut and paste whole 徳赢足球recipes,removing or adding any ingredients you'd like and adjusting serving sizes to what you'll eat or make.

  18. JoAnna Wall

    Pardon me,but I just made the Russian honey cake thing.I worked so hard on it.It wouldn't work.I tried and tried,I'm lost,upset,and hungry.

  19. Nila

    I made this and the consistency was great until I took it off the burner and added chocolate chips and vanilla.It separated and wasn't smooth anymore.When I put it on ice cream it formed into balls and was chewy.I used sugar free syrup,could it have caused this?I also used salted butter because it's what I had and didn't add the salt.Any suggestions on how to get different results next time?

  20. pixelhammer

    Visiting this website is something like revisiting a favorite scenic place or camping spot;you wonder after you've arrived why it's taken so long to get back to such a pretty place.Well,until you remember that life happens and every day is too busy and blah blah blah.So my comment is;as inspirational and interesting as your 徳赢足球recipes are,I find your writing to be just as fresh and delicious as the best little farmers market you can imagine.Nicely done and thank you for being here (there,wherever…).

  21. Cathy

    I was excited to try this soup.I love rustic,simple soup 徳赢足球recipes.I used savoy cabbage and my usual homemade vegetable broth.I also really like farro in soup,but I was disappointed in the flavor of this one.For my taste,using both vinegar and lemon juice threw the flavor off.

  22. Rebecca

    It looks like turning off comments didn't work,but actually I love reading the medley of comments that have accrued to this page!Like a buffet of all your different 徳赢足球recipes ;-)

  23. These Raspberry Breakfast Bars look amazing.My wife and I were trying to come up with a new breakfast food for early morning travels.Our family is on the move often and will make homemade treats to eat thus allowing us to get moving quickly.We find this is more convenient for our family of six.It beats sitting around restaurants or a hotel lobby.你的树莓酒吧会是完美的。We look forward to trying them!